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Exchanging and archiving public and private graphs using GraphArchive.
The Graph Data Base (GraphArchive) is an exchange and archive system for graphs.

The system allows users to dynamically create metadata, graphs and graph groups. These items can then be associated with each other. The database can be queried and the resulting graphs are downloadable.

The new web interface can be found here: GraphArchive

2012/01/16: Feature Update

We introduced a couple of new features that were suggested/requested by users. Among them are:

  • a guest account is available to browse the archive, downloading/editing is enabled after registration only.
  • support of more graph formats (KGraph, OGML, Matrix and DOT), thanks to KIELER Web Services.
  • adding pictures to graphs, for instance, to demonstrate visualizations.

2011/09/21: GraphArchive at GraphDrawing Symposium 2011

The new system was presented on 2 posters at GraphDrawing 2011 (GD11), the symposium for the graph drawing community.

Also, it was mentioned as a prototype for graph databases in a publication that was presented at GD11: The Open Graph Archive: A Community-Driven Effort.

2011/07/27: New GraphArchive Web Application

A new version has been launched!
A short insight can be found here. The new web interface can be found here: GraphArchive

GraphArchive Screenshot

2011/07/15: Old GraphDB Client/Server Application

The old server has been shut down. Please use the new web interface (see above).

Historical information about the old GraphDB Application

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